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Muangthai Capital is dedicated to sustainable development, aiming to spread it across the entire country, starting from within the organization and extending to the external community. This includes promoting equality in society with a strong commitment to ensuring that everyone has access to fair and transparent financial services while also promoting financial literacy to enhance the quality of life, alongside environmental development. The company remains steadfast in its commitment to sustainability and its enduring support for Thai society.

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Muangthai Capital offers both secured and unsecured loans

dominating the market share in Thailand's motorcycle title loans business. Furthermore, the company provides a diverse range of loans tailored to meet individual customer requirements, encompassing with car title loans, land title deed loans, personal loans, nano finance, motorcycle hire purchase and buy now, pay later. Additionally, the company facilitates personal accident insurance (PA) and compulsory insurance for tax renewal.

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Your gateway to transparent and up-to-date information about the company's performance and strategic direction. Muangthai Capital is unwavering commitment to delivering sustainable value to our shareholders and investors.

Financial Highlights as of 1Q/2024
Muangthai Capital, has more than 5 million contracts with a total customer base of over 3 million individuals and 7,788 branches covering the entire country.
Loan Receivables
million baht
Net Profit
million baht
Total Revenue
million baht
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09 August 2024
Opportunity Day Quarter 2/2024
Time 14:15 - 15:00 hrs. By watching the broadcast live via SET's website
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