Adm. Apichart Pengsritong

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Muangthai Capital Public Company Limited has been listed on The Stock Exchange of Thailand for more than 9 years. The Company has a continuous and satisfactory operating result.

In 2023, the Company had a loan portfolio of 143,318 million Baht, growing 18.82% compared to 2022 and had a total net profit of 4,906 million Baht.

In 2023, the Company has been maintaining a sustainability growth of organization focusing on the recognition of environmental, social and governance (ESG) and also continuing to focus on expanding services to cover all areas continuously as well as expanding various business channels. In addition to the determination to conduct business professionally until the Company has continued to grow. The Board of Directors still adheres to and prioritize to sustainable business operations by focusing on creating the right balance in 3 dimensions: Economy, Society and Environment, by adhering to management principles under the principles of good Corporate Governance, morality, ethics, transparency, social and environmental responsibility to elevate the business sustainability strategy to be more consistent with the sustainability framework of international standards. The Company has a risk management that covers all aspects of operations by emphasizing risk management related to corruption within the Company to build confidence among shareholders, investors and all stakeholders that the Company has managed risks in various aspects. In addition, the Company arranges to review important policies in various areas such as the anti-corruption policy, good Corporate Governance policy, Code of Conduct, risk management policy and personal information protection policy and also provides guidelines on business operations for executives and employees as a common practice to adhere to as well as giving importance to develop the potential of employees to gain knowledge and competence to create the Company to be a stable and sustainable organization.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank the shareholders, the customers, as well as all the stakeholders for the trust and always support the Company. Also, thanks to the executives, the Management and all the employees who strive and dedicate to excellently perform their duty to the fullest potential to achieve the goal of both revenue growth, branch expansion and to the best customer service including jointly driving the business toward sustainability ready to effectively cope with changing circumstances. I believe that the determination and collaboration on business operation with responsibilities toward the stakeholders, environment, society and governance (ESG) are the important factors and demonstrated the potential of establishing opportunities in business along with changes of global trends to create the strength and the sustainable growth of the Company.