“Year of Development ”



The company aims to maintain a growth rate of 20% annually from 2024 to 2026.


The company has a goal to expand its branches by an average of 600 branches per year

until reaching a total of branches by the year 2026.


The company will maintain business standards by tightening credit policies and efficiently managing debt collection to minimize losses from sales.


The company aims to create systems and mechanisms that empower employees to fully utilize their potential.


The company emphasizes the integration of both offline and online channels to serve customers, supporting the use of digital tools and data for analysis benefits and advancing the development of future company products.


The company prioritizes customer acquisition.


The company is committed to conducting business based on good governance principles, focusing on creating value and sustainability in economic, social and environmental aspects while operating under international standards.

Business Overview

Muangthai Capital Public Company Limited and its subsidiary ("The Company") was founded by Mr. Chuchat Petaumpai and Mrs. Daonapa Petampai since 22 May 1992.

The company is considered a non-bank financial institution providing vehicle title loan services under the license granted for Personal Loan under Supervision for Non-Bank Operator, regulated by the Bank of Thailand, primarily to retail customers. The eligible collateral vehicles encompass motorcycles, cars and agricultural vehicles registered with the Department of Land Transport. Additionally, the company has expanded its lending services to cover loans secured by land title deeds, personal loans, nano finance, motorcycle hire purchase and buy now, pay later for catering extensively to customer needs. Moreover, the company acts as an intermediary for selling compulsory insurance and personal accident insurance to both our clientele and the public at large.

Shareholding Structure of the Group

as of 31 December 2023
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Our Products

Strengths and Strategies

The company focuses on growth by expanding the customer base through the expansion of branches to cover all areas in the country. The ultimate goal is to help improving financial inclusion of those unable to access funding from banks by being their alternative funding sources with fair and transparent financial costs. The company believes that distributing financial access to the people will help reduce financial inequality in the country which is the cornerstone of a sustainable economic system.

Total Employee staffs
Total Branches branches
With a plan to expand branches by the end of 2024.

and continues to focus on expanding our service channel to cover all regions in Thailand from provinces to districts, districts to sub-districts.

Company's History and Milestones of Success

More than

30 Years of MTC

Commencing with a registered capital of 2 million baht, focused on motorcycle hire purchase, encompassing both new and pre-owned motorcycle across diverse brands. Operating through dealership networks spanning Phitsanulok province and other lower northern regions like Sukhothai, Kamphaeng Phet and Phichit, our clientele included salaried individuals, daily wage earners, farmers and general laborers. Subsequently, our portfolio expanded to encompass vehicle title loans, catering to customers completing their motorcycle lease installments per contract terms. Furthermore, we diversified our offerings by introducing a variety of vehicles, including cars and agricultural machinery, broadening our service scope. In 2001, our company rebranded from D.S. Leasing Company Limited to Muangthai Leasing Company Limited on August 28th. Eventually, we phased out motorcycle leasing due to manufacturers and distributors directly providing this service, intensifying market competition among service providers.



Muangthai Capital provides services to primarily local individual customers. Therefore, the company places importance on building good relationships with customers, emphasizing the slogan "Intimate Services Like Closed Family Members” This has garnered continuous trust from customers to use the company's services. To accommodate this growth, the company has continuously expanded branches to increase coverage nationwide.