Mr. Chuchat Petaumpai

Chairman of the Executive Committee

Muangthai Capital Public Company Limited has been growing alongside the Thai people for over 31 years, evolving from a shophouse business to a globally standardized credit service provider, operating through more than 7,536 branches nationwide.

Our aim is to provide equal and comprehensive financial opportunities to the Thai society, fostering positive impacts on the economy, society, and environment, with the overarching goal of becoming a sustainable organization in every dimension.

Our company has consistently adhered to corporate governance principles to meet the expectations of stakeholders throughout the business chain. Effective risk management instills confidence in all sectors. Developing innovations ensures that services meet every need appropriately, raising the level of information security and conducting operations in accordance with international standards. The company also supports funding sources from international cooperation organizations to mobilize resources and strengthen the economic system.

Developing quality of life is no less important than business growth. Providing opportunities to give back to society is another goal of the organization. The "New Home for Chance" project has been ongoing for over 12 years because we recognize the importance of education as the foundation for national development. Additionally, the "MTC - Unite for the Community" project elevates access to community-level public health services to be comprehensive and inclusive. Furthermore, the company has opened opportunities for persons with disabilities to become part of the organization, aiming to create equal job opportunities and employment equality in Thai society.

The current changes in climate pose challenges that many sectors are facing. Global warming significantly impacts people's livelihoods, affecting both daily life and economic systems. Efficient resource management is crucial, and the company is pushing for cooperation from all parties to foster a corporate culture that emphasizes sustainability. This includes tracking resource usage alongside the company's operations. Additionally, the company has adopted the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) as a guideline for dealing with and determining measures to address climate-related risks and opportunities. Furthermore, strategies have been set to drive the company towards the goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. These goals align with scientific principles outlined in the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

The company aims to elevate the standard of credit services to become a World-Class Thai Microfinance, operating under the principles of good governance. We serve as a financial refuge for the people, prioritizing honesty, respecting rights, and safeguarding the interests of all stakeholder groups. The company is committed to being a responsible and fair microfinance loan provider, thereby creating financial stability for the people while growing alongside Thai society sustainably.