Katina Ceremony 2018

MTC has hosted the Katina Ceremony for the year 2018 on 17th Novembere, 2018 which contributed to the temples and partly given to 4 temple’s neighboring schools for their children scholarships and school supplies; 1. Nong Krang Temple, Angthong Province amount THB 1,784,774.78, 2. Baan Num Poo Temple, Chainat Province amount THB 1,787,220, 3. Ampawanaram Temple, Roi Ed Province amount THB 1,785,910, 4. Ta Ma Pring, Chomporn Province amount THB 1,7880,820, making total contribution of THB 7,146,724.88. MTC is grateful for every contributors for collaboration in this Katina Ceremony and merits.