MTC unveils its plan for the year 2024, aiming to expand its loan portfolio by 20%, along with responsibly releasing loans, in line with the Bank of Thailand policies, towards becoming a 'World-Class Thai Microfinance' institution

Muangthai Capital Public Company Limited (MTC) is advancing its sustainable business development plan, aiming to provide comprehensive financial opportunities and elevate its service standards to global levels. The goal is to surpass a loan portfolio of 170 billion baht in year 2024, while enhancing debtor quality and controlling NPLs to not exceed 3.2% through responsible lending, fostering a 20% business growth.

Mr. Parithad Petampai, Deputy Managing Director of Muangthai Capital Public Company Limited (MTC), revealed that the company's operational plan for the year 2024 sets a target to increase loans by 20%, with the loan portfolio expected to rise from 140 billion baht to 170 billion baht. The objective is to diversify access to capital through over 7,600 branches, aiming to create financial inclusivity nationwide and innovate services to impress customers on all fronts.

"We focus on increasing loans across all products, utilizing Generative AI technology to develop globally standardized services while improving debtor quality, reducing NPLs from not exceeding 3.50% in the previous year to not exceeding 3.20%. While the majority of customers' debt repayment capabilities are improving in line with economic recovery, we also implement interest rate stability policies and adjust debt structures proportionately to 1% of the total loan portfolio to assist our customers, ensuring Net Interest Margin (NIM) stability. However, with interest rate trends on a downward trajectory, we believe it will be a crucial factor in improving NIM adjustment."

The Deputy Managing Director of MTC further stated that the company is determined to elevate its loan service to a quality capital source at a world-class standard, aligning with international cooperation efforts between various institutions, such as the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the German Development Bank (KFW DEG), to mobilize financial resources for public support under ethical principles, respecting rights, preserving benefits, and meeting customer expectations to the highest degree. This has resulted in being rated as "Excellent" (5 stars) in corporate governance assessments, as well as receiving a sustainable equity assessment (ESG Rating) from the Stock Exchange of Thailand at an A level and an MSCI Index assessment at an AA level, reflecting leadership in responsible and fair microfinance business practices, aiming to establish financial stability and strengthen the economy, fostering sustainable growth alongside Thai society.

Moreover, the company has fully prepared bond repayments totaling 25 billion baht this year, with plans to issue new bonds to replace expiring ones. Additionally, loans from both domestic and international financial institutions can be used to repay bonds, ensuring no issues with bond repayment.