MTC is ready to support the Bank of Thailand's criteria, steadfastly providing loans responsibly and fairly

Muangthai Capital Public Company Limited (MTC) aims for sustainable growth, responding to the Bank of Thailand standards by providing loans responsibly and fairly while also supporting debt relief measures to promote financial discipline, aiming to create healthy household debt nationwide.

Mr. Parithad Petampai, Deputy Managing Director of Muangthai Capital Public Company Limited (MTC), disclosed that they are ready to support the criteria of “Responsible Lending” as announced by the Bank of Thailand (BOT). They are also part of the effort to address household debt issues at an appropriate level, promoting a higher quality of life through quality financial services.

Key criteria include offering products suitable for customer needs, considering their ability to repay debts, providing accurate and complete advertising and information, fostering financial discipline and improving debtor quality.

This includes adjusting assistance measures to align with debt repayment capabilities effectively, through the “Debt Clinic” program, with over 7,536 branches nationwide capable of meeting responsible lending management guidelines throughout the loan cycle. Additionally, they serve as financial advisors to customers closely and comprehensively.

The Deputy Managing Director of MTC further stated that the company is committed to elevating loan services to a standardized funding source under ethical principles, serving as a financial backbone for the people, especially microloan users. They prioritize honesty, respect for rights and preserving customer benefits, resulting in a “Excellent” (5-star) business supervision assessment and sustainable ESG Ratings from the Stock Exchange of Thailand, at an A level, and an AA rating from the MSCI Index, reflecting their commitment to responsible microfinance lending, aiming to stabilize financial stability for the people and grow alongside Thai society sustainably.