A cookie is a small file that stores information about your website usage, such as the date and time of access, links visited, and settings preferences. It is stored on your computer or communication device when you access a website through a web browser. Cookies cannot be used to open programs or deliver viruses to your computer or communication device, and they do not pose any danger to your devices. In the following cases, your personal data may be collected to enhance your online service experience. Cookies are selected to identify users and can be read by the web servers of the domains that use cookies for users. This serves to confirm your unique characteristics, security information, and services of interest. Additionally, cookies are used to measure the volume of online service usage, adjust content based on your usage, and may be used for advertising and marketing purposes.

1. Benefits of Using Cookies

Cookies help the Company understand which parts of its website you visit. The Company uses this information to improve and develop its services to better meet your needs and help you continuously access the Company’s website. Additionally, saving your initial service settings with cookies allows you to access the service with your preferred settings every time you use it until cookies are deleted.

2. Types of Cookies Used

The Company may store cookies to improve and develop its services to better meet your needs. We may store the following types of cookies; Strictly Necessary Cookies and Analytics, Performance Cookies.

3. Managing Your Cookies

Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default. However, you can choose to reject or delete cookies in your browser settings. Please note that adjusting your browser settings may affect the appearance and functionality of our website. If you wish to adjust your settings, you can find more information by following the provided link.