Because everyone has an important part to drive the company to grow forward sustainably. The company pays attention to all stakeholders by giving importance to customers, employees, business partners, human rights, and continually contributing to the society.

Emphasize Customer
Aiming to create a good customer experience with excellent service as well as respecting the rights of customers
Prepare a customer satisfaction assessment form to improve the operational process.
Personnel Creation
Creating Quality Employees
Improve the recruitment process. Develop human resources within the company, provide appropriate compensation and welfare, and build a strong organizational culture.
Protect Human Rights
Respect for Human Rights Throughout The Operational Process
Establish policies for employees and executives to strictly follow on the basis of human rights guiding principles to business
Return Society
Continually Contributing to The Society
The company operates business with social responsibility, including stakeholders both inside and outside the chain of business by providing social projects on a regular basis.

Customers Centric by Operating The Business Responsibly

The customers play an important role to drive our company's sustainability. As a consequence, the company aims to create a good experience for the customers. We reserve a great service with care and respect to the customers rights to maintain an existing customer base and build more new customers by a suggestion from an existing customer base who is satisfied by the company's service. The factors affecting customer use of services will be considered thoroughly and has been used to set for the operation as follows.

Customer Centric
Impressing the customers through service.
Providing service with consideration to human rights principles.
Retention of personal information and prevention of leaks.
Assessment of customer satisfaction.
Assessment of customer satisfaction in 2022

The assessment of customer satisfaction has an important role to analyze the products and services of the company for solving the problems, including employee operation improvement. Therefore, the Company conducts satisfaction assessment as an international standard. For accuracy in knowing the needs of customers, the company has an agreement to change the calculation method and will use this method as the basis for further satisfaction data collection.

The result of customer satisfaction assessment of 2022
The overall average is % from the 80% of goals.
The company received the highest score of 84.49% in building and places section, followed by the score of 84.14% with service.
Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Results
Building and Places
Fast Operation
The operational goals of 80%

Human Resource Management

Importance of Human Resource Management

The employees are considered as a center of driving the organization. The company focuses on managing human resources to have expertise in each area to be suitable for the position, pushing employees to grow according to the intended path as well as encouraging employees to work in a variety of jobs. Not only considering the ability of the applicant but also recruiting people with morals, ethics, good attitude towards work and a possibility to work with a team. These qualifications will ensure the company can operate the business systematically and efficiently.

MTC's Human Resource Management
Recruitment plan
Explore the needs of employees from all departments, as well as follow up on business expansion plans that include new branches or changes in operational processes.
Set the qualification
Coordinate with the head of the department who requires an employee in order to set up the qualification criteria for the position in detail.
Communicate to recruit
Job availability will be announced through the recruitment website by communicating clearly to applicants for acknowledgment of work details and responsibilities.
Creative selection
Carefully screen applications in all dimensions fairly and conduct interviews by selecting people with knowledge, competence, ethics and good attitude to qualify as the company specification.
Be a part of the organization
Be a part of the development of the organization to achieve the set goals along with self-development and continuation of the knowledge gained.

To motivate employees to work well and be able to work efficiently, the company therefore provides welfare and various benefits to personnel. In return for their intention to work, reduce employee concerns about the cost of living, able to work without worry, promote the health care of employees by providing a standardized exercise facility to accommodate employees inside the headquarters building, including a first aid room with full medical equipment, medical supplies, and medicines to assist personnel. The company also provides annual health check-up activities every year and organizes social activities, vacation trips and activities to strengthen relationships within the company in order to maintain good relations between employees and reduce stress that may arise from long hours of operation. Moreover, the company has been encouraging employees to collect money through the provident fund and legal severance reserves for employees who have been working for more than 20 years, so that employees have reserves for future expenses or have the burden of emergency loans as well.

  • Gym
  • Health insurance
  • Special accommodation
  • Provident fund contributions
  • Statutory compensation
  • Marriage allowance
  • Annual Travel
  • Parental leave rights
  • Medical expenses
  • Act of vehicles
  • etc.

The company places great importance on personnel development to prepare for changes, increase work efficiency, and career path progression. An “employees training” is necessary activities arranged by the company for employees.

Total Employee % Have passed the test after the training
Total training hour Hrs/person
Number of training + topics per year

By the operation of 2022, the company has set a goal of recruiting new employees to have a proportion of 25 percent compared to employees within the organization to provide job opportunities for talented people from all over the country and to accept people with disabilities in a practicable work position, including setting the resignation target to be less than 20 percent. However, the company has 3,599 new employees, representing 31.4% of the total employees. and there were 1,932 retired employees, representing 16.98%.

In order to proceed with effective and comprehensive evaluation criteria, the company has divided key performance indicators (KPIs) into 2 sets of data: the MTC Model for executive evaluation and the 360- degree evaluation for assessment of employees within the company to have skills, ethical morality, and appropriate attitude towards work, with 100% of all employees passing a 360-degree assessment with the following contents:

Increasing the customer base according to operational goals
Ability to maintain customer base
Accounting and document management within the branch
Compliance with corporate regulations
Number of corruption
Work achievements
Budget control

The company conducts a satisfaction survey of employees every year. A questionnaire was prepared for 13,005 employees and a total of 12,593 people responded, representing 96.83% of the organization in 2022 with

Satisfaction level of %

Organizational engagement is essential to the success and growth of an organization. The good feeling towards the organization, love, and confidence to embrace the organization's goals and values make employees willing to work to achieve the goals set by the organization effectively as well as wanting to maintain membership in that organization forever. In 2022,

the employee engagement level was at %
  • Consider the appropriate wage rate.
  • Choose people with positive attitudes, fit into the corporate culture
  • Choose a person who does what they love and loves what they do.
  • Always develop the potential of employees.
  • Evaluation based on competence fairly.
  • Appreciate and provide opportunity.
  • Fair exit interview.
  • Fairly considered the black list.
  • Create a good impression between each other.

Implementation of human rights within the organization

Human rights are fundamental rights of everyone, including stakeholders throughout the business value chain. The company provides supervision to prevent human rights violations in every step of the operation by setting a policy for employees and executives to strictly follow based on the United Nations Framework and Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs).

Work Safety Promotion

In order to support employee welfare care to ensure safety in life, a healthy life, and efficient work to be able to promote the creation of a safety culture for the business to operate sustainably. The company has established a policy on occupational safety, health and the working environment to raise employee understanding. Until becoming aware and leading to cooperation in complying.

Occupational Health Training Course


% of employees have participated in the training at least 3 hrs/person/year and 0 accident


% of employees have participated in the training
% Have passed the post-training test
of accident in the working hour and 5 is the number of lost time injury