Social Pillar



The Company provides small loans to retail customers, or microfinance, in which more than 3 in 4 customers are with no regular income and not of financial institutions and commercial banks. So, the Company gives a high priority to car registration loans which is why the Company needs to have points of service scattered throughout the country to reach our customers. In other words, the Company believes that “Relationship Quality” is the most important success factor. Therefore, to create relationships between the Company and the customers, we must be able to be driven by quality employees who work accordingly to the 5 values of the Company: the Honesty, Dedicated to Work, Good Attitude, Harmony Unity and Strict Discipline. These qualities will lead to “Strong corporate culture” and guidelines for labour management. We believe that if our staff are happy to work then such happiness will be passed on to our customers. This factor will then lead the Company to sustainable development. Therefore, the Board of Directors and executives have jointly laid down guidelines for labour management and keep up with the environment and competition in a rapidly changing industry. Our main goal is to maintain and attract employees to remain and work with full efficiency with happiness. Having 4,107 branches spread across the country is considered to be a great challenge for the Company to manage the diversity of 9,576 employees from different backgrounds and cultures to work together as a team. However, the Company found the opportunities gained from having a variety of employees is that we have those who can understand and able to truly reach the needs of customers as they tend to come from that area and know the local communities and cultural traditions in the area very well.

Harmony or being a part of the community will bring accepance and sustainable growth of the Company. Apart from the use of local employees, the Company also sets guidelines and strategies for engaging and becoming a part of the community through various CSR projects to strengthen the community. If the community is strengthened, the employees and the customers who reside in the community will also be quality people.

Statistics of diversity of employees

Ratio of female employees to the total number of employees : 10.42%

Ratio of female employees to the number of employees (in the head office) : 38.59%

Ratio of female executives : 23.08%

Hiring local employees : From 77 provinces nationwide (without intensive employment)

Hiring employees with incapacity or disabilities 3 employees

  • One employee sending documents
  • One accounting employee
  • One administrative employee

1. Workforce Management

1.1 An adherence to human rights and acceptance of diversity in the organisation

The HR staff had attended a training on “Human Rights Due Diligence” hosted by the Stock Exchange of Thailand with a main objective to prevent and migrate the impact to human right from the company’s operation. The Company proceeded to investigate and improve the human right protection procedure afterwards, per follows;

  • Improve the human rights code of conduct to improve human rights in all aspects
  • Improve the human rights management which occurred from business operations.
  • Comply with human rights principles for customers and suppliers.
  • Improve the process of the department responsible for the process in accordance with the company’s human rights policy by clearly specifying duties and responsibilities.
  • Improve the communication channel for human rights knowledge to the employees to be effective such as human rights code of conduct in e-document format and whistleblowing channels.

1.2 Creating a learning culture within the organisation for the development of personnel skills and knowledge

Learning Exchange Platform (MTC University)

It is a digital platform for organisation management including knowledge sharing, Company information, market data and various databases. In other words, it acts as a library that all employees can access. The platform aims to create a learning culture for the personnel to develop and extend their potential to keep up with the current competition. Furthermore, the knowledge from this digital platform is used as a tool to help transfer knowledge to new employees as well.


The company is committed to valuing talented employees to remain with the company. Apart from the compensation structure given for both short and long term, the company also has other methods to reduce turnover rates, such as satisfaction surveys and improvement on human resource development plans to allow all levels. The training programme is divided into 4 main categories which are:

Programme Objective Attendee
Orientation for new employees (17,850 Hours) The company arranges new employee orientation to introduce employees to the new working environment, corporate culture and being a part of the organisation, as well as understanding the Company’s vision, goals and mission. Every new employees

Knowledge and understanding of operation process creation

  • Service Excellency (23,922 Hours)
  • Negotiation Techniques for debt collection in practice (16,662 Hours)
A training programme that emphasises the excellent service policy for employees at all levels like the slogan “Intimate services like close family members.” which is considered the heart of the operation to achieve the Company’s goals. The employees will learn about the problemsolving skills both at the personal and organisational levels and enable employees to operate business in compliance with regulations. Employees of all levels
Management Techniques (1,638 Hours) It is considered essential for the Company to increase the leadership skills of executives from middle to high level as the management system is a decentralized model. Middle-High Level Managements
Topic of interest (Optional) Each employee can participate in training on topics that interest them or related to their duties and responsibilities to develop more skills and knowledge. Employees of all levels
Supply Chain Management Training Gen 4 by Stock Exchange of Thailand (24 Hours) Supply Chain Management for Sustainability, Analysis and understanding of supply chain. Upstream and downstream supply chain management. Middle Management /Employee in Purchasing Department
Annual Report (56-2) and Integrated Reporting Concept Gen 1/62 by Federal of Accounting Professions (24 Hours) To understand and be able to prepare for a new direction on Integrated Reporting. Company Secretary and IR Department
SETPortal system (6 Hours) SETPortal usage preparation Company Secretary Department
MTCNA (12 Hours) RouterOS IT Support Department
Student Loan Fund Act 2560 Training (12 Hours) Knowledge Update to enable compliance to the new regulation regarding Student Loan Fund. HR and Operational Finance Department
Risk Management for Fraud Protection (36 Hours) To improve forensic skill for fraud protec- tions. Internal Audit Department
Brand Experience Management (6 Hours) To improve customer’s experience. Administrative Department
Creating Automate workflow and data visualization on ACL Cloud (6 Hours) To improve analysis skill and implementa- tion. Senior Officer - Accounting Department
IT Compliance (6 Hours) Knowledge and Understanding of regula- tions related to technology and information governance. IT Support Department
Disability Employ- ment Regulation (12 Hours) To improve knowledge and understanding regarding the disabled fund contributions and compliance. HR Department
Fortinet 361 Security 2019 (6 Hours) Knowledge Update on Cyberattacks and Cyber Crimes. IT Support Department
New Digital Regulations (24 Hours) Knowledge Update Operational Finance Department
Debt Collection Compliance (6 Hours) Knowledge Update Compliance Department
Deferred tax, Accounting Standard and Tax-Differentiation and Similarity (12 Hours) Knowledge Update Senior Officer - Accounting Departmen
Social Security 2019 (12 Hours) Knowledge Update HR Department
Business vs. Human Rights (12 Hours) Human Rights Conducts and How to apply to Business Operation. HR Department
Effective Rate Calculation and Impact to Customers (4 Hours) Accounting Knowledge Update Senior Officer - Accounting Department
Land Tax Regula- tions (6 Hours) Regulatory Knowledge Update Senior Officer - Accounting Department
Vehicle Title Loan Industrial Market Conducts (3 Hours) Operational Practices and Knowledge Senior Officer - Accounting Department
Green Bonds (4 Hours) Investment and Analysis Knowledge & Skills Corporate Finance Department
YPO : PERSONAL ASSISTANT WORK- SHOP (8 Hours) Professions in Secretary Role Company Secretary Department

In 2019, the Company has an average rate of staff training hour of 6.30 hours per person (the year 2018: 9.19 hours per person) and the costs for training projects are in the amount of 9.00 million baht (the year 2018: 10.77 million baht).

Remark: The Service Excellency Training was adjusted from being a mandatory for every employee every year to be new employees from each region only. Hence, in 2019, the employees from Central and Eastern region totaled 3987 people had attended the Service Excellency Training

Safety Index

2019 Annual Accident Statistics

Accident Cause Cause from Drinking Time of Accident Damage Total No. of Accident
Drink Not Drink Working Hour Offworking Hour Death Serious Injury Slight Injury
January 5 25 6 24 1 0 29 30
February 10 16 6 19 0 1 25 26
March 12 27 9 30 0 5 34 39
April 10 35 14 32 0 2 43 45
May 12 26 12 26 1 3 34 38
June 6 26 9 23 0 2 30 32
July 6 45 15 36 1 4 46 51
August 14 27 14 27 0 3 38 41
September 6 25 6 25 0 2 29 31
October 9 39 17 31 0 1 47 48
November 10 36 11 35 1 6 39 46
December 14 34 16 32 2 2 44 48
  114 361 135 340 6 31 438 475
  24% 76% 28% 72% 1% 7% 92% 100%
Accident Statistics by Region

1.3 Improving the quality of personnel life with incomes and welfare following the Company’s performance

The Company has therefore established a compensation and welfare policy for employees, taking into account the suitability, fairness, and in line with the company’s performance to motivate employees to work at full power and with maximum efficiency in line with organisational indicators.

The Company’s KPI has been continuously developed to cover almost every dimension of operations in all parts. The indicators will be communicated from the Chief Executive Officer to the staff respectively. Therefore, each employee will have their indicator which follows the Company’s goals in each year and long-term goals. This indicator, besides, is used as a tool for performance evaluation and employee compensation, personal skills assessment and knowledge for promotion. It is also applied as a development of knowledge skills for each employee to plan suitable training both in the short and long term.

Salary and Bonus Compensation

The company has the policy to pay staff compensation based on knowledge, capability, duty and responsibility by considering the appropriateness, fairness, and in line with the industry average of the same type, to maintain and enhance the ability to compete in human resources. Also, the company has determined to pay the bonus by considering the operating results and the performance of each employee each year. This is to thank, reward and motivate employees to perform their duties to the best of their ability and willingness. In the long run, the company has set an annual salary increase of employees.

In the year 2019, the Company has paid 2,963.55 million baht (the year 2018: 2,188.69 million baht) of compensation to employees (Excluding 13 executives), including salary, commissions, bonuses, and allowances.

Other compensation

Other than general remuneration, the Company has established a provident fund under the Provident Fund Act B.E. 2530, in which the Company and employees will contribute to the fund monthly at the rate of 3-5 per cent of the salary managed by Kasikorn Asset Management. The fund will be paid back to the employees when they resign, according to the Company’s fund regulations.

Benefits for Employees

To develop the working environment for employees by providing various benefits for them in compliance with the law, the Company has also improved welfare and various additional benefits as follows:

1) Insurance

  • The employees are offered with health insurance, life insurance and accident insurance to facilitate the medical treatment as well as to create security for the employees and their families. Also, the Company provides special welfare as annual medical expenses for staff.
  • The employees can apply the Compulsory Motor Insurance for motorcycle and personal cars at a staff price.

2) Grants Benefits

The Company provides benefits in the form of grants for various agendas, such as marriage allowances and maternity grants. The Company and staff have also established a generous fund to help fellow employees in the event of a death in the family.

3) Accommodation for staff

To enhance the quality of life of employees, the Company has provided accommodation on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the branch buildings for employees to stay if they are in need, while employees at the head office are permitted to stay in the dormitories of the Company which is located on the opposite side of the head office building in Bang Plad District, Bangkok.

4) Motorcycle helmet

The Company has provided a helmet to employees whose duties need to use a motorcycle to perform. According to the security policy of the Company and the laws, the employees are required to wear helmets every time for their safety and relieve the severity of accidents that may occur unexpectedly.

Safety Index or the employees injured during work in the year 2019 is 4.96 percent. (the year 2018: 3.5 per cent)

5) Connection activity

Teamwork is the heart to achieve success. As a core culture, the Company has organised activities to connect relations between employees: New Year party, Sporting events within the area nationwide, Annual outing, Marathon organised by external organisations (through sponsors). The activities also include social activities (CSR) to give employees the opportunity to contribute to society and the communities in which they are involved. Some activities are the education development for preschool children (Baan Mai Khong Noo), Public health (Blood donation project for the Thai Red Cross nationwide), and religious maintenance such as the establishment of financial contribution (Kathina Ceremony) to promote, and follow the culture as well as building good relationships between the employees and the people in the community.

Statutory compensation from retirement

In May 2019, the Company has made an additional legal reserve for employees with more than 20 years’ experience will be entitled to receive 400-day compensation on retirement days (turning 60 years) under the Labour Protection Law No.7

1.4 A development of internal communication channels and a fair and transparent evaluation system

MTC Forums

MTC Forums is an online platform that connects more than 10,000 employees with the purpose of communication, inquiry, knowledge sharing, comments, complaints and suggestions. The platform aims to create a space for forums that focus on 2-way communication.

Muang Thai Samphan Journal

Muang Thai Samphan Journal is a channel used for communication in the organisation, from executives to employees. The journal promotes various news both internal and external, an overview of activities and articles about corporate culture including important movement events that could relate to the company, employees themselves or other interested parties.

360 Degree Assessment

Teamwork is one of the Company’s core cultures, the Company, therefore, pays more attention to 360-degree assessments as it is more effective than top-down assessments. It also reflects the true potential of the staff, both in terms of individuals and being able to work as a team. Such an assessment also helps to guide the direction of self-development of the employees. To conduct a 360-degree assessment, the HR department and the internal audit department also have a role in risk assessment of employees such as the risk of fraud etc. However, both departments will operate independently.

Satisfaction survey

In 2019, the Company has conducted an employee satisfaction survey through corporate communication systems to improve the Company’s ongoing and sustainable operations as the Company has faced the high turnover rate of employees with 0-6 months’ experience (excluding failing probation). The results of the Annual Satisfaction Survey 2019 are as follows:

1.5 Succession Planning

To ensure the Company’s operations are continuous and efficient, the Company has a succession planning policy in key positions of the company. The recruitment for who to be able to perform substitutes in important positions follows the steps below:

  1. The Board of Director prepared a succession plan for positions of Chairman of the Executive Committee, Managing Director, High-Level Mangements and key personnels by considering the potential knowledge, capability and readiness of the successors.
  2. Training programs development for chosen successors to increase knowledge and develop one’s skills to take on the positions in the case that Chairman of the Executive Committee, Managing Director, High-Level Mangements and key personnels are unable to perform in the positions.
  3. The chosen successors must be appropriated and qualified persons who shall be knowledge transferred, gain experiences by job rotationn and pass all mandatory training programmes.
  4. The Chief of Executive Committee Position’s successor is required to attend Board of Directors’ meetings to understand, witnes and prepare all aspects for taking on the positions.

2. Strengthening Community and Society

The Company has been carrying out CSR activities since the year 2011 by focusing on giving and creating opportunities for communities and society. The activities focus on education, public health, religion and culture that is the cornerstone of the strong communities and society. The Company’s stakeholders, employees including customers also had an opportunity to participate in various CSR activities.

2.1 Education

The Company has initiated the child development centre project under the name “My New House” (Baan Mai Khong Noo) which has been ongoing for over 8 years. Each year, there will be a study and survey in the area before proposing to the management if the areas are in need or lacking child development centres. After being chosen, the Company will contact the sub-district Administration Office in that area to arrange for the construction of the centre with a budget of approximately 1-1.2 million baht per 1 child development centre building. Safety is what we paid close attention to such as using a long glass partition for teachers so that they should be able to see small children sitting on the floor or using suitable toilet productsize for young children. The project has already built 12 centres nationwide. In 2019, the Company had arranged to build 4 more centres under budget more than 4.2 million baht. Furthermore, the operations of the centres were also monitored to make surethey meet the Company’s objectives. The assessment is based on the number of children under the care of the centre, which is under SAO responsibility.

2.2 Public Health

Our employees have supported the project “Muang Thai Donate Blood” to the Thai Red Cross very well by donating blood at various hospitals and to the Thai Red Cross nationwide. In 2019, 6,325 employees have donated 1,897,500 cc of blood (300 cc per person). In this regard, the Company’s chief executive, Mr. Banyat Nilsiri, has donated blood for 10 consecutive years and received a medal from Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn which brought great pride to the employees.

2.3 Religion and Culture

As temples are a centre for people in the community, in 2019 the Company has participated in the Kathin ceremony and gave 5,557,346.50 baht to the temple to support and preserve cultural traditions, build good relationships and be a part of the community.