The temple in each community remains the heart gathering nearby residence’s bonding. By organizing and hosting a regular Kathin ceremony on a yearly basis, rotating to different areas, we help in reservation of the traditions inherited and to maintain good relationships with people in the communities. This year, the collection was totaled THB 7,146,725.


Charity to temples amount of Charity (THB)

The company has organized and hosted a regular

"Kathin ceremony"

on a yearly basis for more than 25 years

This present year, the collection was totaled

7,146,725 baht

which had been contributed to the temples and partly given to 4 temple’s neighboring schools for their children scholarships and school supplies;
  1. Nong Krang Temple, Angthong Province amount THB 1,784,775
  2. Baan Num Poo Temple, Chainat Province amount THB 1,787,220
  3. Ampawanaram Temple, Roi Ed Province amount THB 1,785,910
  4. Ta Ma Pring, Chomporn Province amount THB 1,7880,820