Risk Committee


Mrs. Nongnuch Dawasuwan

Member of Risk Management Committee / Independent Director

Mrs. Nongnuch Dawasuwan


67 years old

Type of Director

Independent Director

Date of appointment

29 March 2017

Years in Director position

3 year 9 months


244 Udomsuk Soi 26, Sukhumvit 103, Bangna, Bangkok


  • Bachelor’s Degree: Bachelor of Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University

Director Training

  • Directors Accreditation Program (DAP) class 137/2017
  • Advance Audit Committee Program (AACP) class 26/2017
  • Risk Management Program for Corporate Leasers (RCL) class 13/2018

Current Position

2014 - 2015 Chief of Customs Service Sub-division, Nakhonphanom, Customs house, Thai Customs
2012 - 2013 Chief of Duty Accounting Sub-division, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Passenger Control Customs Bureau, Thai Customs
2010 - 2011 Chief of Duty Free Zone Audit Sub-division, Tax Incentives, Bureau Customs, Thai Customs


- None -

Current Position in other Listed Companies

- None -

Current Position in other companies (not listed)

- None -

Position in the Company which might be conflicts of interest

- None -

The Legal Dispute

- None -

Meeting attendance in 2021

  • Board of Directors 8/8 times
  • Board of Independent Director 1/1 times
  • Audit Committee 4/4 times
  • Risk Management Committee 2/2 times

Remarks: Appointed as a member of the Corporate Governance Committee (In place of the vacant position) in accordance with the resolution of the Board of Directors Meeting No. 4/21 on July 27, 2021