Report of the Risk Management Committee

Mr. Suchart Suphayak

Chairman of Risk Management Committee

The Risk Management Committee of Muangthai Capital Public Company Limited, appointed by the Board of Directors, has a responsibility for policy formulation, a framework for risk management, supervise, and support the implementation of risk management to reduce the impact of various risk factors, both external and internal factors, including the roles and responsibilities assigned by the Board of Directors. The Risk Management Committee consisting of 3 directors as follows:

  1. Mr. Suchart Suphayak
    Chairman of Risk Management Committee (Independent Director)
  2. Mrs. Nongnuch Dawasuwan
    Member of Risk Management Committee (Independent Director)
  3. Chuchat Petaumpai
    Member of Risk Management Committee (Director)

In 2022, The Nomination and Remuneration Committee had a total of 2 meetings, the Risk Management Committee places importance on risk management. Especially managing risks that affect the achievement of business objectives and goals. Including performing duties as assigned by the Board of Directors during the year. The Risk Management Committee has continually held meetings to follow up on risk management results. and foresees that the Company has solved significant risk problems in various areas until lowering the level to the acceptable criteria for the most part It also recommended that the working group use emerging risks to analyze the opportunities and impacts that will occur to the Company, including the risk of changing to digital currency, risk from rising policy interest rates and the risk of higher oil prices due to the Russo/Ukrainian war and from follow-up meetings. It was found that the Company has systematically controlled the aforementioned risks. Proceed with caution, discretion and efficiency.