Message from the Chairman of the Executive Committee

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2021 Annual Targets

The Company plan to grow
by 20-25 percent
in the year 2021

and expand the branch at least
600 branches per year
and shall maintain an NPL which
does not exceed 2.0 percent

(Mr. Chuchat Petaumpai)

Chairman of the Executive Committee

In the midst of today's rapidly changing world due to the advancement of technology, it results in consumer expectations, business competition, and social change which is faster than previously. This causes the Company to be aware of and prepare to meet challenges in many areas whether in economic, social and environmental dimensions. However, the Company will continue to adhere to and follow the Company's vision and mission determinedly to lead the Company towards sustainability. Muangthai Capital Public Company Limited, as the number 1 leading company in the microfinance business, is committed to and realize the role of sustainable development through corporate social responsibility operations for over 30 years. The key operation in the year 2021 are as follows:

In terms of good governance, the Company has undertaken cooperation projects that are important to economic development, such as expanding more branches in hopes that people will have access to funding sources. We are contributed to the community good corporate governance in compliance with rules and regulations, developing and creating new innovations that benefit business operations. It includes the development of products that focus on responding to the needs of customers, etc.

In terms of society, the Company operates many important social responsibilities such as promoting safety, occupational health and working environment for personnel, human resource development in the Company to be knowledgeable and able to serve customers including various social assistance activities, etc.

In terms of environment, the Company is aware of the environmental impact of business operations. Therefore, we have improved our operations to be environmentally friendly through important actions such as commitment to energy management reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emission, water resource management, etc.

Finally, as the Chairman of the Executive Committee, I would like to thank all management and personnel for playing an important role in driving, supporting and participating in driving the sustainable development of the Company. I am also appreciated to all stakeholders who have always supported the Company's operations. Eventually, we will continue to strive to conduct business with responsibility, ready to grow and stand side by side with Thai society in a sustainable way.