Message from the Chairman of the Executive Committee

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2021 Annual Targets

The Company plan to grow
by 20-25 percent
in the year 2021

and expand the branch at least
600 branches per year
and shall maintain an NPL which
does not exceed 2.0 percent

(Mr. Chuchat Petaumpai)

Chairman of the Executive Committee

According to the announced Company’s business performance of 2019, the result successfully has met the goals. These include number of new loans, outstanding debtors, revenue, profit as well as ability to control NPL within 2.0 as stated. Moreover, the Company has applied new innovation to our working process in order to increase competitive advantage and facilitate our customers. With reputation of the Company and experienced employees, the Company has continuously and sustainably growth despite any rapid change and disruption. We have strived to develop new innovation and offerings so as to provide our customers with various services that meet their needs and gain their highest satisfaction.

The Company not only has strived to achieve the highest performance but always consider the impact of our stakeholders; maintaining suitability of business. We have instilled social, community and environmental mindset to every members of organization. In 2019, the Company has been granted the Bronze “Board of the Year Awards” from the Thai Institute of Director (IOD) in collaboration with six private organizations. The award has provided to the listed companies that achieve efficiency and effective performance while adhere to transparency and fairness responsibility to all stakeholders.

Moreover, the Company has been granted “Outstanding Company Performance Award” and “Outstanding CEO Awards” from the exceptional performance of the Company. Also, the Company has being selected as a “Thailand Sustainability Investment” in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET THSI) Index for sustainable business operation which commits to be a microfinance loan provider with responsible to all stakeholders and is an example to entrepreneurs within the same industry for aspect of corporate governance. This includes awareness of the impact and the development of comprehensive strategies for the environment, society and good corporate governance (ESG) to achieve sustainable development.

Last but not least, as the management team, I would like to say that we will operate the Company to achieve the plan with social and environmental responsibility while always considers benefits of all stakeholders. We promise to ensure the Company sustainable growth forever.