Business Overview

Muangthai Capital Public Company Limited and its subsidiary ("The Company") was founded by Mr. Chuchat Petaumpai and Mrs. Daonapa Petampai since 22 May 1992. Currently, the company operates as a Non-Bank Financial Institution, providing mainly Vehicle Title Loan to retail customers (Microfinance) under a Personal Loan licensed by the Bank of Thailand. The eligible vehicles are registered motorcycle, car, pickup car, and tractors with the Land Transportation Department. In additions, the company has extended its product line to cover Land Title Loan and Nano Finance Loan in order to better response to customer’s needs. Moreover, the company also operates as an insurance agent selling the Compulsory Third Party Insurance to the customers and interested people.

In the year 2019, the company foresaw the potential of the new motorcycle hire purchase business, which was an extension product for the company's existing 1.5 million customers of motorcycle’s title loan. The Board of Directors, therefore, resolved to establish the subsidiary company, Muangthai Leasing Company Limited, on April 20, 2019, with registered and paid-up capital of 20 million baht. As a result, Muangthai Capital Public Company Limited directly holds 2 subsidiary companies, namely Muangthai Insurance Brokers Company Limited, which operates as a non-life insurance agent and Muangthai Leasing Company Limited, which operates new motorcycle hire purchase business.

The company's business objectives is to become a Responsible Microfinance company, which will lead the company to sustainable development. The said responsibility has already been reflected in our loan products and services (CSR-in process).

Licenses to Operate and Product Range

Vehicle Title Loan

Land Title Loan

Personal Loan

Nano Finance

Motorcycle Hire & Purchase

Muangthai Pay Later

The company focuses on growth by expanding the customer base through the expansion of branches to cover all areas in the country. The ultimate goal is to help improving financial inclusion of those unable to access funding from commercial banks by being their alternative funding sources with fair and transparent financial costs. The company believes that distributing financial access to the people will help reduce financial inequality in the country which is the cornerstone of a sustainable economic system.

The company today has:
Employee Total 13,361 Staffs
Branches Total  6,926 Branches
and continues to focus on expanding our service channel to cover all regions in Thailand from provinces to districts, districts to sub-districts
With a plan to expand
Branches by the end of 2023.

Comparison of population vs number of branches by region in 2022 total 6,668 branches 66 million people

As of the end of 1Q2023.