Stakeholder Engagement


The stakeholders of the company are groups that are directly affected, indirectly affected and unaffected by the business operations of the company. The stakeholders are categorized into 6 groups per presented in the following table. The interest issues can be altered from time to time along with the change in the business environment and the change in risks. The company will regularly revise the issue accordingly. Moreover, the company has also prepared a code of ethics for each group of stakeholders, which are included in the business ethics of the company.

Corporate Gevernance
Group of Stakeholder Communication Channel Frequency Interest Issue Initiative in 2018
Shareholder/Investor/Creditor Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Annually
  • Business performance
  • Short/middle/long-term business plan and strategy
  • Risk, challenge, industry trend and impact to business performance
  • Impact of the business to economic, social, environment and sustainability development
Annual Report and Sustainability Report -
Analyze Conference Quarterly -
Opportunity Day at SET Quarterly -
Other IR Activities
  • Roadshow company’s performance and strategic plan
  • IR line and Email
  • IR website page
  • On-site visit activity
  • CSR activities
Regularly and Occasionally -
Employee Internal 360 degree communication via internal portal
  • MTC University
  • MTC Forum
  • Business direction and operational problems
  • Security in career path, benefit and welfare
  • Safety and healthcare on-the-job and off-the-job
  • Educational and skill development activity to meet company’s business direction
  • Risks in the operation.
  • Ethics and disciplines in the operation and providing services with transparency and fairness
Muangthai Sumpan Monthly Journal Monthly -
Internal meeting (Management level, Manager level, Department level, Internal Department and function) Monthly -
Sport activity to promote healthcare and relationship among employees Monthly and Annually Supported 100 employees to attend a marathon event for 5 km and 10 km races in the Mini Marathon Bangkok on 2 December 2018
Executives meets Employees activity (Executives visit branches) Monthly and Annually -
Employee satisfaction survey (Officially and unofficially) Annually
  • Conducted employee satisfaction survey on 6 aspects (working environment, workload and challenge, team working, education and training program, work life balance and overall satisfaction)
  • Independent Exit Interview
Whistleblower channel Regularly
Supplier/Business Partner Supplier/Business Partner Assessment Process Regularly Management for transparent and fair procurement process and maintaining relationships with valuable partners with similar sustainable business direction. -
Customer Customer satisfaction survey Monthly - -
Open for comments/suggestions/complaints and provide assistance and answers for inquiries
  • Offline (Customer thanking form sent directly to customers from the HQ and sent back to HQ, call center, and branches)
  • Online (Social media)
  • Microfinance product and service development to meet customer’s needs and satisfactions.
  • Development of market conduct to be standard, transparent and fair
  • Development of product and service that will not harm customer’s rights
Whistleblower Channel Regularly -
Community, Social and Environment CSR program Annually
  • Improving community’s quality of life activities
  • Impact to community and social from business operation
  • Environmental Policy
  • Baan Mai Khong Nhoo, the children development centers, were distributed to 3 communities, which are Baan Kongwa in Chiangmai, Sribanpot in Pattaloong and Baan Nong Pakwan in Srakaew
  • 1,477,500 cc of blood donated through the Red Cross Thailand
  • Katin ceremony arranged for 4 temples, at Nong Krang Temple in Angthong, Baan Numpoo Temple in Chainat, Ampawanaram in Roi Ed and Ta Mapring in Choomporn. Total contribution was THB 7,14,725
Annual report and sustainability report Annually -
Open for comments/suggestions/complaints and provide assistance and answers for inquiries
  • Offline (Call center and branches)
  • Online (Social media)
Regularly -
Whistleblower Channel Regularly -
Regulatory Authority Provide required reports to regulatory authorities in which supervising companies and industries. Monthly and Quarterly Disclosure with accuracy and transparency Working incorporation with other vehicle title loan providers to establish the Vehicle Title Loan Trade Association to support the Bank of Thailand to revise the industry related regulations and licenses to operate with transparency and fairness.