MTC annually conducts a materiality assessment to monitor and revise the key sustainability and business-related issues in accordance to GRI framework. The key issues were selected taking into consideration of stakeholder interests, impact towards EGS and impact towards business. The assessment process is consisting of 1) identification and 2) prioritization.

Significant Materiality Scope and Boundary Interest in 2018 Location in SD Report 2018 Page
Responsibility to Customers Meeting customer’s needs, Engaging customer’s satisfaction and Respecting customer’s rights Growth of Financial Inclusion
Risk Management The industry’s challenge and opportunity in regulatory risks and a new regulatory authority to supervise the vehicle title loan products. Governance & Risk Management Improving Industry’s Integrity
Labour Management Responsibly providing the education, working environment (safety and wellbeing) by advocating the employee’s human rights. Implanting Employee Commitment
Good Corporate Governance Anti-corruption related policies engaged more stakeholders (employees, customers, and government authorities) Governance & Risk Management
Emission, Energy and Waste Implemented environmental policy to manage emission and waste and energy consumption and through company’s value chain via technology and procurement process. Long-term Reduction of Carbon Footprints