Sustainable Development Strategy


Muangthai Capital is adhering to its sustainability goal to be a “responsible microfinance”, in the other words, to operate our business in a responsibly way towards every group of our stakeholders for sustainable mutual benefits with ethics for transparency and fairness. The board of directors and managements have set the sustainability goal, policies and strategies for sustainability development together, covering three dimensions of economy, society and the environment under the principle of corporate governance. In order to ensure that our sustainability development operation can be executed efficiently, in the year 2019, the board of directors, therefore, has approved to include responsibility to sustainability development framework into the corporate governance committee, hence, changed to corporate governance and sustainability development committee. Additionally, it was also resolved that the head of sustainability development working group and the sustainability development working group were established to develop sustainability development practices, business materiality and related risks which can be a guideline to achieve the set target.

Muangthai Capital has a determination to deliver the value of being a responsible microfinance in which having significant impact to Thailand’s economic and social. We are happy for a contribution in developing the industry’s market conduct to be transparent and fair and, as well, being a part of a solution for financial inclusion problem in Thailand. Moreover, the company also advocates to strengthening the communities, especially those surrounding our branches (across country) and direct stakeholders such as customers and employees. However, the company does not neglect the environmental impact caused by operations, including the energy, water and paper consumption. Therefore, the company has established an environmental policy to reduce greenhouse gases arising from the operations of the company in concrete for long-run.

Therefore, the company has established an environmental policy to reduce greenhouse gases arising from the operations of the company in concrete for long-run.

In the past year, Muangthai Capital has succeeded in several sustainability development areas;

Sustainability Achievements in 2018

CG Awarded Excellence
MTC to receive the Excellence CG Awards by IOD Thailand
  • 26.5% total shareholders return
  • THB 103,880 million market capital value, making MTC included in MSCI Global Index on 30 November,2018
Corporate Governance
  • New AML/CFT and Whistleblowing Policies added to the other sectoral policies
  • New regulatory and Sector Association MTC together with 30 other non-banks have joined the Vehicle Title Loan Trade Associations to develop the landscape of microfinance industry and its proper market conducts. With this collaboration, the impact from regulatory risk has been diminished throughout the industry.
  • Board of Directors Matrix Skills Conducted to ensure the right balance of directors to set and achieve company’s strategic.
  • Education: 3 Children Development Centres
  • Religion: 4 Kratin Hostings
  • Public Health Care: 1,477,500 cc of Blood Donated
  • Environmental PolicyImplementation of environmental initiatives
  • CDP Submission
  • LEED Certified HQ
  • 3,279 Branches Across ThailandA financial inclusion strategic is for people of Thailand with low and informal incomes to have a measurable social impact through an unconventional range of products and our branch expansion.
  • Bringing regulations and market conducts to Microfinance Major contribution to BOT to undertake the restructuring of the microfinance sector and set standards for market conducts as well as interest rate restriction.
  • Cashless is a click awayTo improve customer’s pleasant experience, the cashless technology was adopted and will be ready for the customers to make the repayment online by 2019