Sustainable Development Policy and Structure


Sustainable Development Policy and Structure

The core committees and working groups for sustainable development are as follow;

Board of Directors/Corporate Governance and Sustainability Development Committee/Risk Management Committee

The board of directors, the corporate governance and sustainability development committee and risk management committee are responsible for determining, reviewing and approving the sustainability goals and policies to cover all three dimensions (ESG). They are, additionally, provide the guidelines and engage stakeholders to formulate significant materiality issues. They are also responsible to define risk management framework, including the megaforce risks and define structure and persons in charge of risk management, as well as providing support, monitoring and supervision of compliance.

Head of sustainability working team and Sustainability working team

Head of sustainability working team (Deputy Managing Director) forms a sustainability working team in which consisting of working member as representatives from stakeholder related functions, such as representative from Human Resource Development department, Investor Relation department, Company Secretary department, Marketing and Customer Relation function (Administration department), Procurement department, Finance department and IT department. The working team is responsible to design strategies to achieve the goals and policies established by the Board and Committees, plan the directions and executions, implement and assessment with tools and indexes, follow up the results and report to Managements, Corporate Governance and Sustainability Development Committee, Risk Management Committee and Board of Directors.