Risk Committee


Mr. Kampol Tatiyakavee

Independent Director / Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee / Member of the Audit Committee / Member of the Risk Management Committee

Mr. Kampol Tatiyakavee


59 years old

Type of Director

Independent Director

Date of appointment

12 September 2012

Years in Director position

6 years 3 months


52/4 Soi Makesawad, Chongnonsi Sub-district, Yannawa District, Bangkok


  • Master of Engineer (Industrial Engineering), University of Texas at Arlington, USA
  • Chief Executive Program, Capital Market Academy (CMA) Class 9

Director Training

  • Directors Certification Program (DCP) class 74/2006
  • Directors Accreditation Program (DAP) class 55/2006
  • Risk Management Program for Corporate Leaders (RCL 5/2016)
  • Advanced Audit Committee Program (AACP) Class 25/2017


200,000 shares Percentage 0.009 (As at 4 December 2018)

Current Position in other Listed Companies

2017 - Present Director, Bliss-Tel Plc.
2016 - Present Director, Power Solution Technologies Plc.
2010 - Present Director We Retail Plc.
2013 - 2017 Director Amata VN Plc.
2010 - 2013 Chief Operating Officer, Amata VN Plc.

Current Position in other Companies (Not Listed Companies)

2017 - Present Director, Biggas Technology Co., Ltd
2017 – Present Director, Thai Pipeline Network Co., Ltd

Position in the Company which might be conflicts of interest

- None -

The Legal dispute

- None -

Meeting attendance in 2018

  • Board of Directors 7/7 times
  • Audit Committee 4/4 times
  • Risk Management Committee 3/3 times
  • Corporate Governance Committee 3/3 times

Remarks: The relocation to appointed from the Member of the Risk Management Committee to Chairman of the Risk Management Committee, according to the resolution of the Board of Directors’ meeting on 20 April 2018.