Message from the Chairman of the Executive Committee

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2018-2020 Annual Targets

The Company plan to grow
by 30-40 percent per year
and expand the branch at least
600 branches per year
and shall maintain an NPL which
does not exceed 1.5 percent

Mr. Chuchat Petaumpai

(Chairman of the Executive Committee)

At the moment, the company has already declared the financial results of the year 2018 to the public. I strongly believe that such result does not disappoint investors and analysts. Having said that, early of the year 2018, the management had announced the growth strategic to be 40 percent of the new loan issuing, where the loan receivable, revenue and net profit shall align in the same direction and the NPL shall not be over 1.5 percent. The result from the operation, however, is consistent with the announced direction, where the NPL ended up at only 1.12 percent, which is lower than target.

Having the goals achieved, I am being grateful to managements and all employees that are highly committed to issuing the loans, acquiring new customers and collecting bad debts, in which resulted in such a satisfactory performance of the Company. I have to take this opportunity to thank you all. Furthermore, as we have continued to grow effectively for many years, thus, making our Company being trustful and driving us to be included in the calculation in the MSCI Index, which is one of the most powerful and accepted global wide. This should be another thing we all should celebrate together.

For the strategic plan in 2019, the Company continues to focus on the growth in every aspect of 35 percent and the NPL of less than 2 percent, through another 600 new branch expansion. Therefore, by the end of 2019, it is expected that the total number of branch will reach 3,900. Such goals are considered challenging for employees and management to achieve.

Lastly, on the behalf of management, I insist that everyone of us will take care and manage the business operation to accomplish the goals we have established with regards to responsible to ESG and all stakeholders for the company’s sustainability growth.